Resolving Legal Issues with Personal Attention

Our legal team at The Law Office of JJ Edwards PLLC in Burton, MI works diligently for each of our clients in order to understand each unique case and desired outcome. Our clients’ satisfaction and resolution of challenging legal issues is our constant goal – with personal attention to what is important to each of our client’s lives.

What Our Clients are Saying

Our clients often share their reviews with us after working with our lead attorney, Jade Edwards. Here are just a few…

“[Jade] did a phenomenal job on my case. Our case was complicated, but she handled it like a pro!” 

– Jose

“[Jade] was very good dealing with me during my divorce. She put up with a lot of crying, texting, and emailing [since] … I was a bit neurotic, but she always explained the different steps in the process. It seemed like it took forever, but [it] worked out in the end. I started out with a different attorney who never returned calls, and was kind of rude – so Jade was a pleasant change. [I] would definitely recommend her.”

– Anonymous

“I didn't actually see [Jade] in court [because] I just wanted her to review my paperwork [since] I couldn't really afford to hire anyone. She did a free consultation for me, and then made some helpful suggestions for changes to make. She didn't want to charge me for that either, but I insisted on giving her something. She seemed very knowledgeable about custody cases, in addition to changing the [outcome].”

– Heather

“I had a horrible attorney before Jade, [who] I never got to see, charged me if I ever did need to speak with him over the phone, or in person and, as a result, I only was able to speak with his secretary each time I had a question.

He also tried to sway me to just settle for my ex to pretty much get everything. I was desperate to find someone else when I found Jade. Now I finally feel like everything will be okay, and I can contact her anytime I have any questions, which is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone in need.”

– D.C.

“At first I was wary because [Jade] charged a $50 consultation fee, and I thought people did free consultations. So I went to an attorney that was free, and he acted like he couldn’t be bothered because I wasn't paying. After 20 minutes he rushed me out the door. Then I called some other people who charged a little more or the same. [Jade] was super nice and patient. We met for a little over an hour, which really wasn't bad for $50.

[Jade] said she didn't want me to leave without having all my questions answered, and gave me her cell number in case I had more questions that I forgot (which I did). She said [that] even if I didn't hire her, I could still call with questions [to] let her know how court went. I just have a long custody case. I hope I can [call on Jade], because she is more helpful than others I've talked to.”

– Mark

“I consulted with Jade over the phone, and she provided me with a number of very helpful suggestions. [She] even offered alternative resolutions to remedy my legal concerns. I looked forward to working with Jade. I was very impressed with her knowledge and understanding as it relates to my legal problem.” 

– Keith